Fortiemart is one Hatel Technologies product, started in 2016 after realizing that there was deficiency of service information for disposal ahead of the 4th industrial revolution where internet will be the main aid to marketing and digital transformations. Business information and product sales includes: Hotels, shops, value addition, firms, tourism sites and mobile service providers as well as essential household items, agricultural products, machinery and many more respectively.


  1. Create an environment that ensures quick and effective business growth through adoption of appropriate technological site.
  2. To enhance attraction and easy access to existing tourism sites in different regions in Uganda for both citizens and internationals.
  3. Enable farmers at all levels, have access to the required services.
  4. Promote regional trade in Uganda through exchange of information on one site by showing off what other areas have than the others.

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  1. Search for
  2. Click Add business listing from the Menu section
  3. Sign up
  4. Feed in the business details with the required information
  5. Have your business added

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  1. Visit / search for
  2. Click on business directory
  3. Search the category you need
  4. Contact the service provider by call or email

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