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7th Generational food store Uganda is a store that gives you all the world best spices and organic foods. These include but not limited to :-coriander seeds,jeera seeds,fennel seeds,black peppe,mustard seeds,white pepper,alligator pepper pods,flax seed,green cardamom, cloves,white cardamom,nutmeg,star anise,black seeds,garangal,fenugreek seeds,tea leaves,sea salt ,pumpkin seeds,oats,white sesame seeds,pink lentils,dry chili,dry ginger,ajwain carom seeds,chia seeds,chamomile flowers,dry lavender,paprika,dry dates, cashew nuts ,descated coconut,almonds,chili flakes,cardamom powder,ginger powder. Tomato paste for retail and wholesale.

located in Fort Portal Uganda, Kabundaire

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